7 Untapped conversion rate optimization tactics for growth hackers.

Who wants to 10x their revenue this year? probably every body needs that. In actual fact, 10x-ing your revenue is easier said than done. Gone are the days where an image can be place on top of a form and causes spikes in conversion. Conversion rate is changing fast. Do you have what it takes to keep up and updated?

Today I’m here to show you 7 proven conversion strategies that you can use to increase your revenue. This principles are very important and it’s advisable to pay attention.

Let’s get started now.

whats conversion rate optimization CRO

This is the process where a visitor convert in to lead and makes a purchase. Basically, a high conversion rate indicates an improvement on your marketing campaign.

Benefits of CRO

As a growth hacker, Conversion rate optimization can have impacts on your company depending on your approach.

Get more lead for your business

The value of lead is almost the same as currency. As a growth marketer, if you don’t generate lead for your business you are broke. With conversion it’s easy to gather information on your visitor base on the buttons they click and their overall activities on your website.

Enhances your website trust

When you know your customer after you capture more information about them you’ll know their demands and deliver base on that. This enhances the trust they have in your brand.

Boosts website revenue

When you collect data with tools like Hellobar, you stand in the position of increasing your revenue within the shortest period of time and increases customer lifetime value.

1. Use review stars

Over the past few years, using review star has become one of the methodology prioritized by most SEO experts to increase the conversion of their website and client website.

Allowing customer review star on your website and across multiple website increase trust, sales and brand equity.

One study revealed, 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 72% of customers say review impacts their buying decisions. The problem is customers usually make a review of bad products than good products.

But, generally speaking, review helps rather than hurt your brand. one thing for sure here is everybody wants to see reviews so if you make them available, it impacts your conversion.

2. Using scarcity marketing

This is the fear of shortage to sell more. This fairly simple psychological premise, “I only have 3 products left in stock buy now before you miss out”

Scarcity marketing makes customers perceive limited product are important and for this matter, they rush in to buy.

In fact, scarcity marketing is the best marketing tactics I have ever used on client website because scarce items make customers feel exclusive and powerful.

Breaking news: Do you know why amazone is one of the best eccomerce platform in the world? they prioritize scarcity marketing to their advantage. Amazon is the master of scarcity marketing. they don’t use false marketing but tells you more more of that product will be available in the future.

3. Provide social proofs

Social proof is when potential customers adopts the buying behavior of existing customers when they are unfamiliar with products.

Social proofs has been the marketing asset for agile marketers of big brands such as crazy egg and many others.

There are 4 major type of social proof and these are:

Certifications: A credible 3rd party company that testify your product is high quality or trustworthy source.

Customers: Social proof from existing customers.

Celebrities: Social proof from celebrities who have used your products

Experts: Social proof from experts in your industry who have used your products.

4. Send welcome emails

Welcome email is a great way to show the a feeling of satisfaction for acquiring new customers.

The golden question is what’s welcome email? this is the first interaction your business has with your customer after they have accepted and show interest in your business or products.

Welcome email does not only exhibit your brand in your first email impression but also engages your customer in the best way.

Knowing that welcome emails have high open rate and are 86% more effective than standard newsletter, sending this email to new subscribers is ideal but a lot of companies use automation systems for the process so they never miss out on a customer.

When a potential customer shows the interest and sign up in your company, the possibility of this customer making a purchase is very high but lack of communication on your side can turn them in to hot lead for your competitor. For this matter, your first impression counts.

5. Provide a fast loading website

Boosting conversion with captivating user experience is a must if you want to leverage existing web traffic and lower your customer acquisition cost.

According to Google webmaster central blog, 46% of people say waiting for website to load is what they hate when browsing the internet on mobile devices. Fast loading website provide great user experience and every digital marketing savvy knows that.

Do you know that web pages that load 2 seconds have an average bounce rate of 9% whilst pages that take 5 seconds to load have 38% bounce rate?

If you wan to make your paid advertisement campaigns more profitable, pay attention to the speed of your website.

The are numerous things you can do to speed up your website. these are:

  • Enabling caching
  • compressing images
  • Hosting your website on fast servers

6. Make sure your site is mobile friendly

If you don’t already know the essential of a mobile friendly website, I guarantee you will have know uncertainty about it at the end of this tip.

Benefits of a mobile friendly website

  • Faster download speed
  • Great user experience
  • Positive ranking signal to Google
  • Call to cation features are eminent

Here are hand picked steps to follow to make your website mobile friendly

Use large font sizes

The size of your font can have an effect on your customers. According to multiple sources, the attention span of humans are low so not making your font big enough to be read can result in an increase in bounce rate of your customers.

Reading on small screens like mobile and tablet can be difficult if your font are tiny. It’s advisable to use at least 14px on your webpages but go ahead and conduct your own test to discover the best for you since going bigger is better.

Make your buttons big enough

Don’t rash into blaming your potential customers for not converting in to customers. The question is, are your buttons big enough to be click especially tap on small screens?

Clicking on buttons using the mouse is much easier than using your fingers to tap on buttons on mobile devices. Do you know that about 75% of people will access the internet using mobile devices by 2025?

After testing the buttons of 3 website, we have realized the preferred size of a button is 72px. This was tested and it works. But consider testing yours to know the best that works for you.

Improve your website navigation

Website navigation or internal link architecture refers to the process of allowing your customers to flow freely on your webpages without difficulties.

Every website obviously have some level of navigation but not all navigation are good enough. In structuring your navigation, keep your customers in mind. consider your customer and optimize your navigation for search engines.

Yes, you need to optimize your navigation. Your website navigation can degrade your website overall performance if not dealt with.

7. Have a strong call to action

Your call to action is the fastest way to entice your customers to take an action. take an action? Yes you know what I mean. Call to action is an integral part of any marketing campaign.

Do you want to convert the right leads and email subscribers? getting them is nearly impossible without a call to action buttons tested and well place on your website.

Final thought

If you want to become growth marketer like industry experts such as Chriss Jones and Neil Patel, focus on conversion rate optimization. It’s the way to go in the 21st century.