9 scarcity marketing strategies for growth marketers

Today, I’m going to show you the

  • Meaning of scarcity marketing
  • Benefits of scarcity marketing and
  • scarcity marketing strategies that works for growth hackers.

Let’s dive right in now.

In dealing with scarcity marketing, you have to focus on customer psychology. Today, conversion rate optimization is far more than just a button size and colors. As an agile marketer of the 21st century, you have to understand how the human psychology works to keep up with your conversion.

Oceans of changes have been made to the algorithm of Google but what has stayed the same is scarcity marketing strategies still matters.

Do you doubt this? let me explain. Do you notice products in limited quantities get a lot of sales. Imagine going to the mall to realized only 7 Apples left. you’ll rash to get yours before the next minutes.

Yes, that’s how the human psychology works.

What’s scarcity marketing? This is the use of the fear of shortage to sell more. This marketing concept is very effective due to the fear of missing out of missing out on a particular product.

If your priority as a growth marketer is to get customers who can’t wait and are in demand for your product, follow this scarcity marketing tactics to scale up growth.

Benefits of scarcity marketing

The benefits of scarcity marketing is being able to position your brand in an appealing manner for your customers to buy. With scarcity marketing customer perceive your brand or product valuable since the concept raises their urgency.