A day in the life of a result driven content marketer

content marketer
a day in the life of a content marketer

Within my 3 years experience as a content marketer, experts in our profession are confronted with the same question. What’s content marketing? the answer to this question vary depending on what content marketing means for every organisation.

In my case, content marketing is the practice of creating valuable and compelling content and distributing it across multiple platforms such as blog, social media etc.

In today’s landscape, you have to create thought leadership in your content in other to trigger customers to take action.

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In fact, content marketers multi task on daily basis with. This post will cover the role of a content marketer specifically for agencies.

The time it takes to complete a task as a content marketer usually vary depending on the length of the content and the content type. The role involves a lot, from blogs to eBooks and web copy.

But the question still stands what does a day in the life of a content marketers look like?

Let’s dive right in now.

Getting in…

My day as a content marketer normally starts at 8:am. since there over 30 places to sit in the office, I always find a place of comfort and start my day with a cup of coffee and 3 fried eggs. I proceed with checking my emails and replying to the once that needs urgent reply.

9:00 – Moment to prepare pitches and campaign

I team up with my manager to design marketing campaign that will scale-up our content strategies, engage our target audience and dominate our niche. within this 2 hours period, I also help in preparing pitches for potential clients.

11:00 – Planning great headline

Since I’m the captain of my team, I lead my team to craft a compelling content headline that will resonate with our brand. In actual fact each member of my team writes 3 headlines on each topic and the best is choosing.

On each content, we compose more that 15 headline because according to coppyblogger 8 out of 10 audience read your headline but never make it to the content. To stand out as great content marketer, I follow results of survey to get things done the right way.

12:00 – It’s lunch time

It’s lunch time and Foster likes to take pizza with  Cripps Pink apple. This is the best time to get in touch with my co-workers and laugh at the funniest video and meme and talk about our upcoming weekend plans.

1:00 – Time to write

At this moment as content marketers, we plan and write engaging content using our 10 commandment of content marketing and touching the pain point of our customers. This commandment serves as guidance to creating unique content for our audience. The content is submitted to the graphics team. They deliberate on the best infographics and memes to use to support the content.

4:00 – Outreach

After uploading the content, each content marketer is expected to outreach their content on various social media platforms. I proceed to forward the content to influencer marketers and the SEO experts in our team to work on it.

5:00 – Going on podcast

Knowing that there are over 67 million podcast listeners, I spend the rest of my time as a content marketer going on podcast. I spend the next hour talking and diving deep in to industrial trend and our affiliate products.

Final Thought

This is what a typical day of a content marketer looks like. However,each day comes with multi task that must be completed in a given time. This post should give you a fair understanding of the role of content marketers in any agency.