5 Ultimate Guide for Writing a Blog Post: 2020 Updated

Today, I’m going to show you how to start your blogging carrier.

that generates:

thousands of social shares.

hundreds of comment.

Google first page ranking.

Alot of revenue *

don’t miss out.

In jun 2016, I started a sports blog but it was unsuccessful. In-fact, I stumble on that blog for years without any revenue. After learning from previous mistakes I’m here to show you your road-map to successful blogging

One of the most important steps to start blogging today is choosing a name that’s powerful and resonate your brand.
To find the ideal name brainstorm multiple idea that captures the subjects and vision of your blog.

I have personally made few mistakes choosing my domain name 5 years back that never worked for me. the tips below can help you avoid the same mistakes

1, Avoid brand names and trademarks

2, Don’t use numbers and special characters ($,#,@)

3, Don’t rush

4, Choose the right top level domain name [TLD]

5, Use short and catchy name

6, Consider using (blog name generator) businessnamegenerator.com

7, Check domain name availability *

the name you have decided to use is known as your domain name.
Now its time to verify your name at Bluehost

1. Pick a Blog name

Now that you have a domain name representing your blog, its time to pick the best content management system [CMS].

and I have a great news for you.

you don’t need to start from scratch learning how to program a website.

instead, prioritize the use of wordpress

Get my insight.

bulding a website for your business has never been easier. but with the use of content management systems,

you can build and design your professional looking websites withing hours. Most content management systems achieve the same goal. some of the content management systems are:




WordPress *

wordpress is know doubt the best [CMS] because of it flexibility and security rich features.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system powering multi million websites online. In-fact, according to WordPress.com, over 36% of websites are build on WordPress.

With numerous customization option, WordPress remains the best content management system around the globe.

Benefits of using WordPress

Benefits#1: wordpress websites ranks better

When your content is not getting it share of traffic to generate enough revenue for you, then you are missing out great. WordPress websites ranks better than other websites from other content management systems.

having said that, they posses a lot of search engine optimization SEO plugin that can spike your website growth. few of this plugins are Yoast, Rankmath, All in one SEO pack etc.

Benefits#2 : WordPress websites are mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness is also a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. WordPress offers a wide range of themes and plugin that are responsible for performing this tasks.

According to statistics, smartphone users in US alone are to reach 271 million in 2020 (statista)

Now you see why your websites needs to be build on wordpress?

benefits#3: plugins and extensive functionalities

WordPress includes the basic functionalities to create a basic websites. for developers who needs to style their websites to achieve a specific need, WordPress directory has hundreds of plugins.

these plugins allow for easy addition of special elements such as contact form, gallery, shopping cart. User also have the chance to purchase and install hundreds of custom plugins from third party developers.

these 3 key benefits of wordpress speeks volume of how far it can take your website.

2. Choosing the best web host

In this guide, I will walk you through my expert advice on

choosing the right web host for your website

lets get started now

Choosing the best web hosting company for your website can be a confusing task and not one that should be treated lightly. choosing the correct web host boils down to these element ” Speed, Security, Support” [s*3].

These elements are all crucial since they are the lifeline of your blog

Web host is the lifeline of every website, it should be up and running 24/7.

youtube video why bluehost is the best. under the video have a link to bluehost

If your hosting is done right you can spend forever pleasure with a website that is scalable and high performing.

Ultimate guide to bluehost

Nevertheless, with so many web hosting companies at your desposure, it’s not easy to know which one to pick and it’s definitely not a decision you should rush and make at random. having said that, use the following tips to help you choose a top notch web host

* Reliability

One of the most important features to consider in a web host is the reliability. Obviously you’ll want your website to be running 24/7 without a downtime. Even 45 minutes of time can cause a great loose in revenue and poor customer experience.

For your knowledge NO hosting company can assure you of 100% up-time but avoid web hosting companies below 95% down time.

Moreover, you’ll want to pick web host with fast servers. If your site is on a slow server, it doesn’t matter the measures you put in place to increase it speed, It will still be slow.

check the speed of your website with Gtmetrix

According to statistics, 1 milliseconds delay in load time can decrease conversion by 7% moreover, pages that load 2 seconds have an average bounce rate of 9% while pages that take 5 seconds to load have a bounce rate of 38%.

To discover the best web host with a proven track record of reliability, start by checking their online review to get a feel on their customer ratings

* Conduct price research

Clearly, you’ll like to choose a hosting package that’s best for your budget. moreover, when checking, its advisable to go beyond the normal monthly payment. you could check for hidden payment as well.

For example, some host charges extra for add-ons and email hosting whiles others probably provide these service for free

finally, compare the price and package of these web host to decide on which to pay

* Explore security features

One of the core aspect to consider in choosing your web host is security feature. these feature is vital especially if you are planning to run a website that store sensitive data such as credit card details.

Proceed by checking whether the web host runs firewall on their server and a frequent site backup.Pick a host that backup your site every 24 hours.

Bonus tip. quality customer support

Fortunately, bluehost has a wordpress builder inbuilt with a special offers for you. Is good customer service, value for money,security and up-time your top priority? then look know further than the best web hosting company in US

3. Find and ascertain a topic

Well today, it seems like blogging wizards never run out of idea but how do they come up with these idea consistently?

The hardest part of creating a top notch content is coming up with content idea that works great.

There is so much information on the web. could blob of text blended with images and video help your content go through the clutter? big NO

Hold up. I used to be a confused blogging newbie too. It is close to impossible for your content to sell without consistency

so what strategy works for the pro bloggers?

4. Creating an Awesome Headline

When it comes to writing a compelling blog post,

captivating your headline can increase you click through rate [CTR].

In this chapter, am going to show you how to write amazing

blog headline.

According to copyblogger, 80% people will read your headline but only 20% out of the 80% will proceed to read the rest of your content.

If you want your content to perform well, you need to write a powerful headlines that triggers clicks to your post.

In-fact, your audience occupy a space known as cache headline, so crafting a great headline pushes your content to your potential audience.

Captivating headline has always been great to capture and compel your readers attention. If your headline is not great your content can fail.

Fortunately, with data and analytic tools you can write headline that resonate with your content and captures your readers attention.

Here is your 5 ultimate guide to writing a great headline in 3 minutes

Step#1: Use specific numbers and data in your headline

Your headline constitute 50% of your blog content success, if not done well your content will fail. Using numbers in your headline still continue to dominate the rest of the concept because the brain is receptive to numbers, especially small odd numbers like 5 or 7.

side-note odd numbers are regarded more authentic than even numbers

here is a list of hand picked blog post that went viral at buzzfeed.

Step#2: make use of rationales in your headlines

you’ll need to utilize rationales to write great headlines.
the word rationales means strong reasons why something should happen

If you want to engage audience to read your content, there has to be a motive that will trigger them to read.

if you want your audience to click through, read, and share your content you need to write a headline focus on underlying reason

these bloggers have emerge the best because they focus on quality headline

1. Arriana Huffington – Huffington Post

2. Peter Rojas – Engadget

Some of the rationales that you can add to your blog headline are:

  • Reasons
  • Ideas
  • Lessons
  • Tricks
  • Ways
  • Principles
  • Strategies

Here are few examples

  • 7 lessons I learned blogging
  • 5 reasons why bluehost is the best web hosting company
  • 9 facts about the best content management system
  • 3 strategies to write a compelling blog post
  • 15 principles to write viral headline

Step #3: Create a sense of urgency in your headline

Do you know scarcity marketing?

Scarcity marketing means using the fear of shortage to sell more. It’s a fairly simple psychological methodology. Scarcity can also increase the perceived value of the item or service you’re providing

This premise is used by Amazon to sell more

The same concept is used by agile copy writers to craft great headline today. Using a call to action and creating a demand in your headline makes it irresistible and entice your audience

Urgency-based headlines will always grab attention, because it makes the reader anticipate what comes next. Consider Upworthy’s well-known headlines:

When you raise urgency of your headline, your audience will never ignore it because of the fear of missing out great on your content

List of headline with urgency

1, You think you know blogging quiz yourself (now)

2, I Was Scared of Writing In 2015, But I’m Super-Brave in 2020 (get my Tricks)

3 (Fastest) way to capture your audience attention Is urgency headline

get your complete headline tricks here

Use Coschedule to analyse your headline

4. Craft an amazing introduction

Now its time to check your boxes…

Scalable website check

Bluehost check

compelling headline check

now it’s time to grab your reader attention with your introduction.

whether you are a pro blogger or beginner, you’ll loves this.

What first grabs your audience attention to your blog post?

It’s your headline. Now you have taken your time to write amazing headlines and selected the best from the list.

but without an interesting intro, your audience will bounce without reaching the body of your content. In writing your intro you’ll need to consider key elements.

Elements of an introduction

Hook: This is what captures your reader’s attention in to content . make it brief, unique and interesting. It could be a phrase or a single sentence. Your hook could be what inspired you to come up with the blog post idea.

So make it unique for your audience.

Transition The hook captures your audience attention and leads the reader into the transition.The transition normally connects the hook to the body of your content. This is the practice of keeping people to read your blog

thesis : It’s time to get the best out of your introduction with the last element of your introduction. It outlines and justify the reasons WHY they should read your content. This is an example of a thesis.

there you have your element of blog introduction. But

“Don’t focus on having a compelling blog. Focus on producing content that’s
great for your readers today.”

The bar has been raised
Publishing great content is not enough to acquire readers. Your content must be promoted to get the engagement right on point.

Statistics reveal by Content marketing institute shows that 72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement.In addition, 72% say it has increased the number of leads.

your content marketing campaign will fail if you don’t posses these skills…

3 serious skills required to scale-up your content campaign

As a blogger, you know the industry is continuously becoming dynamic.

Now, some jobs are quick to prepare for whilst others are probably not the case.

Do you want to become a footballer? Just join a football club.

Do you want to become a developer at Google?
Go get your masters degree in Software Engineering.

On the flip-side, if you wan to become your content marketer, these level of qualification doesn’t matter.

All you need to posses is the skills of quality content creation and distribution

  • Story Telling

Since the stone-age, strategic story telling amplifies a topic and breaks it down to it simpler forms for easy consumption. Instead of 6, break it down to 5 + 1.

Do you know that more than 53% of what makes a content compelling is story? The best bloggers in the world tell stories.

Brian Deen the founder of Backlinko is considered great personality in the blogging world because he is good at storytelling. He introduces all his blog post with story telling

Emotions are always raised when you tell a unique story about your self and triggers discussions and have impacts on your readers.

Today, the human attention span is short. You need to capture your readers attention through story and data visualization.

Benefits of story and data visualisation

Holds your audience interest longer

Information are absorb quickly

Makes content more shareable

Insights are mesmerized quickly

Concepts are easy to understand

4. Present Shocking Statistics

Before we get started, whats statistics?

Statistics is the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.

In the endeavor of content marketing, a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. What has stayed the same is scientific proves still matters. The scientific method has proven effective for content promotion.

This approach ensures the collection of information and data relevant to a particular problem. this study is plan and the data is collected using poll and survey tools

After the data collection, the results is analysed and descovery of conclusion that can be reached.

this results is then added to a content relevant to it.

Think about what your audience are searching in Google Search Engine. Do you think they are searching for content without proves?

NO. I don think so, they are searching for result oriented content.
And the best way to present this results is to prioritize usage of statistics in your content.

Statistics are not only data that is being collected by you. Data collected by other companies are also OK if you give them credit by linking back to the source.

Content that uses statistics in their introduction gets a lot of shares

You see now? Statistic works great.

You can put this to work now. instead of writing boring introductions and contents, begin with statistics.

5. How To Make Money Blogging

In this guide I will show you:

The meaning of blog monetization.

ways to make money blogging.

Now that you know how to compel your reader with your great content, its time to monetize your blog.

By definition, Blog monetization is the process of generating revenue from your blog.

I have been blogging as my main source of income for some years now. In the past few years I have been able to launch successful blogs.

Dont get me wrong. I’m not trying to say full time blogging is an easy task.
It involves a lot of time and sacrifices.

make money with advertisements

You dont have any physical produts to sell or services to deliver? you are not alone.

When I first started blogging I depend solely on Google Adsense.

Anyone can place an advertisement on their content using Google Adsense. But the real money is made (selling ads space)deep

You’ll need to build a high volume of subscribers and traffic to stand the chance of selling ads space

building subscribers and traffic is a marathon not a sprint. This requires time and patience.

How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Today.

In this guide I’ll give you tips on:

meaning of affiliate marketing.

how to become successful affiliates.

best affiliate networks that pays more than $5000 persale.

Lets dive right in.

Are you a blogger willing to up your game with affiliate marketing?

Good for you.

Here are the most interesting affiliate marketing statistics that will shock you in 2020 Editors Choice

  • 81% of brands and 84% of publishers rely on the power of affiliate programs. (Source: Mediakix)
  • In the next few years affiliate marketing is expected to (increase by 10%)
  • According to Statista, business spending on affiliate marketing will hit $8.2 billion in the U.S by 2022.

The idea behind this system is, you promote other companies products and you earn commission out of that through affiliate network. This has to do with choosing a products that is relevant to your niche or your content. This tactical selection works better.


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting other companies products. For most publishers it can be a passive income one established.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid

Depending on the affiliate network you choose, there are different ways an affiliate can get paid. For some companies, the consumer doesn’t necessarily needs to buy a product for you to get paid.

Ways an affiliate can get paid

1. Pay Per Sale

This is the standard and traditional affiliate marketing used by majority of publishers.

In this program, the merchant pays the affiliate after a successful sales of a products. As an affiliate of this program, you’ll need to persuade the the consumer to follow the affiliate link and make a purchase.

2. Pay Per Sale

This a more complicated program. The publisher try to persuade the consumer or audience to complete a desired task. The affiliate is compensated base on conversion of leads

Pay Per Sale

With this program affiliates are incentivize base on directing the consumers or audience to the merchant websites. As an affiliate of this program you need to engage your audience to an extent of visiting the merchant websites.

your revenue here depends on your increase in traffic.

Your Guide to affiliate Marketing

Best Affiliate Neworks

The type of affiliate network you pick probably impacts your revenue. Web hosting is one of the lucrative affiliate niche out there. Do you want to make as much as $7000 commission for every web hosting client you refer, then continue reading.

This is a list of high paying web hosting and wordpress hosting affiliate network – 2020:

Web host Commission websites Star rating

Liquid web $150 – $7,000 liquidweb.com

Kinsta $50 – $500 kinsta.com

Wp engine $200+ wpengine.com

Cloudways $50 – $200 cloudways.com

A2 hosting $ 85 – $150 A2hosting.com

Siteground $50 – $125+ siteground.com

Ipage $105 – $150 ipage.com

Hostgator $50 – $125 hostgator.com

bluehost $65 bluehost.com

Do you know that bluehost, the last on this list paid more than 5 million dollar in commission
to affiliates last year?


Starting a blog is very easy than you think. Creating a blog that generates revenue requires time, hard work and dedication. But the rewards are so great. In your road to successful blog, expect roadblocks

As you begin your blog journey admit the facts that you are speaking to humans and be honest and transparent