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Today, I’m here to show you my ultimate guide to blogging for beginners and blogging ideas the that I normally use to take my blogs off the ground.

After over 7 years of experience as a blogger, I have contributed to 3 blogs that are doing marvelously well with my blogging idea including my new startup Search Engine General. Today, the term blogging for beginners sound familiar than ever.

Within this 7 years period, I hear a lot of folks in forums and others continue asking Google about the best blogging idea and resources on the web.

Today, you have it all for yourself. Here is a list of my totally free 17 blogging tools that works great for me and I will like you to use it as a go to resource on blogging for beginners.

Inexperience bloggers rely on their brain to come up with blogging ideas instead of relying on systems that gives never ending stream of blogging ideas.

This Blogging for beginners is explained fewer than 2000 characters so…

Let’s dive right in to my blogging ideas fully packed.

1. Content management system

Choosing a platform is one of the best blogging idea and blogging for beginners guide you should ever take. Your content management system determines how well your site runs together with the number of customization features available. WordPress is the simplest, free and open source content management system that can be use to build any type of website.

This week’s top story about blogging for beginners is base on content management system.

2.Web hosting provider

In starting your blog, you probabily need a good web hosting service provider with minor or NO down time and this is where Bluehost comes in Handy. Bluehost has been the first web hosting company to be officially recommended by wordpress.

In my last blogging for beginners guide on web hosting, I gave a complete review on Bluehost

With as low as $2.95 per month, you can launch your firsts website within a couple of minutes with a free domain name for 1 year which typically value at $14.

Bluehost is the next big thing when it comes to blogging for beginners.

3. WordPress Themes

The first impression of your visitors always matters. In sharing your passion and expertise for a living, it’s imperative you start with a great and memorable impression which is critical for your audience retention.

How I really feel about WordPress theme when it comes to blogging for beginners is giving my audience the best choice they can pick from.

I have used list of 3 powerful and intuitive well design themes that work great for my personal and client projects and here they are.

This particular blogging idea which I purposely wrote to satisfy the query blogging for beginners help my visitors to convert their audience into subscribers since the layout of these themes are exceptional.


Ultra is the most advance, powerful and flexible wordpress theme develop by Themify making it easy to create any kind of responsive website. These particular theme is design to make blogging for beginners as easy as possible. With just 1-click, you can import the design skins that is made up of theme setting, content, menu,widget and many others.

With Ultra you can create and customize the design of your website in a couple of minutes. Ultra comes with a free 12 available addons value over $100 which makes creating of clients websites much easier.

It has 6 different archive layout and over 60+ pre-design layout used by both beginners and pro developers to create slider backgroud, parallax custom scrolling, video backgrounds and many more.

Do you want to exibits your product or service? With Ultra your portfolio is possible.

Key takeaways

  • Over 600+ Google web font available for font styling.
  • Search engine optimized
  • Auto theme updates


Do you write a lot of content on daily basis? WordPress magazine theme is all you need to help your visitors locate all your content in one place. With over 9300+ sales on themeforest you already notice they are one of the
popular WordPress theme right now.

It’s the best selling, blog, news and magazine theme for the past 6 years and counting.

Get access to 30 free pro DEMOS and build stunning WordPress site in mere minutes. Jump-start your projects today by using their ideal combination of lightweight architecture and enhanced performance as all their template are customisable

Newspaper has over 1000+ one click element and templates waiting for you. Yes, today web design with Newspaper theme is that fast and easy to do.

Key takeaways

  • Easy to monetize with Google Adsence
  • Over 92000 happy customers

8 premium plugins included

Best rated news theme and 90+ one click unique DEMO


With over 23000+ 5 star rating, Avada gives you absolute control over every aspect of the design and building of your polylang website. It has 68 professionally design demo crafted to meet your design.

600,000+ beginners, professionals and agencies trust Avada for creative total design. Avada website builder is one of the natural and intuitive WordPress website building experience. It is 100% SEO optimized and perfectly compatible with
top WordPress plugins like Yoast and Rankmath.

Key takeaways

  • Avada has intuitive visual front-end
  • Highly advanced customization options available without modifying the code.
  • Retina ready and ultra high resolution graphics
  • Has cross browser compatibility- Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

4. Headline analyser

Do you know the foolproof to ensure that nobody attempts to read your content? just write boring headlines! Most marketers including a top rated- Neilpatel argues to spend 80% of your time writing the headline and 20% on the content itself. The great question is does that blogging idea sacks or works?

Blogging for beginners can be overwhelming without an insane headline.

It’s essential you pay attention to your headline because it plays a major role in the success of your blog. using a great headline tool not just optimize your content for your loyal audience but also for search engines.

The worst advice you can ever hear on blogging for beginners is not writing compelling headline.

If you want to create high readable title to appeal to both of your loyal audience and search engines, look know further than Coschedule headline analyser. This tool helps you to ignite the visibility of your headline using features like:

  • Sentiment and tone analyses
  • Headline readability rating
  • SEO rating
  • Nitche and data-base metrics
  • Database of already existing headlines.
  • Provide headline scores base on emotional, powerful, common and uncommon words.

5. Blog topic generator

Crafting innovative blogging idea has never been easier for even pro bloggers. When you run out of blog topic ideas just relax and let the web tools do the trick for you. To uncover all the blogging for beginners insight, check this ebook written by industry thought leader Scott Chow. I came in to contact with this ebook when I was putting resources together for this content.

Hubspot blog topic generator scrapes the web and generate list of insane, quality and powerful topics you have been missing out on. This particular tool is part of this research when I was researching about blogging idea 30 minutes before publication of this content.

To be precise, this tool provides you with 5 exclusive idea for a set of phrase.

6. Blog topic trend

As a blogger you need to know how frequently your blogging topic generated shows up in Google search over a period of time. Google trend is a tool by Google themselves that can be used for comparative keyword research and provides keyword-related data on search volume of a keyword and geographical information of the searcher.

Google Trend also allows users to comapare searches volume between two or more terms. You can also check how the search volume of a keyword has varied by entering a search term in to the box at the top of the tool.

7. Compelling graphics

Even though text will continue to dominate your blog, graphics are easily absorb by the brain. No matter how good your blogging idea what you have to get clear is it’s a must to use graphics to stand relevant. before your loyal audience.


If you want to convey professionalism, inject humor in your blog, achieve emotional connection and make your blog more memorable then Canva is your baseline.

Canva is an outstanding graphic design tools loaded with a wide range of fonts and graphics for great funtionality. You have the chance to (create your account here) without paying a penny.

Canva has a unique size and template for creating presentations, kindle cover, magazines, posters, social media post and flyers.

8. Optimize your content

Content optimization is all about igniting the visibility of your content in search engines like Google in other to get a lot of targeted audience welling to read your blog content. In optimizing your content, you need to focus on using the right
keyword in your meta description, image alt, URL, headlines and many others.


The best tool that I have used for this process is Semrush. The golden question here is how does Semrush works? Semrush is an all in one digital marketing tool that does your keyword research, track the keyword strategy used by your competitors, run SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinks opportunity and so on. Get started today with Semrush.

With over 1,000,000+ customers, it is regarded the best tool in the market.


Grammarly is the free most widely used grammar checker tool by bloggers and copy writers. Currently there are over 10 million global users of grammarly fixing the errors in their blog, email newsletter, social media post.

Knowing that the world is now turning in to online and computer era, leveraging a reliable way of ensuring your grammar is next to perfection is ideal.

If you want to write content that grabs the the attention of your audience, this blogging idea is absolutely yours.

Grammarly helps you churn quality content day after day and week after week.

In fact, I use Grammarly for my content that’s why you read this content today without grammatical errors. Explore what 15+ experts are saying about blogging for beginners

9. Email marketing campaign

With plethora of options to engage with your audience, many bloggers forget the inbox. No matter how you rate email marketing, it has remain the best format of reaching your audience in mere minutes. Most blogging ideas are based on blogging tools without marketing campaign which is not best for blogging.


Mailchimp is a great email marketing tool that brings your audience marketing channel and data together to execute your goals faster.

I know you may be asking why not Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook? yes, these email tools are easy and free to setup but Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that I use to send unlimited number of emails at once.

This is a tool that I use to manage my email list and newsletter, automate the process and collection of leads, create my annoucement email, send emails to targeted audience in a specific geographical area.

It has a very simple interface and detail analytics.


Sendiblue has a well designed user interface that covers not only email marketing but also has supports for automation, newsletter and basic customer relationship management, landing pages creation and SMS.

Sendiblue has a nicely package and featured (free plan) that supports which includes phone supports for the first 60 days.

Unlike many other vendors, they charge base on the number of emails you send instead of the number of emails you have.

This all in one marketing tool continues to be crucial element of blog as far as email marketing is concern.


Convertkit is a powerful email marketing platform for professional bloggers, authors and and marketers. What makes convertkit unique and exceptional is, it allows you to have content upgrade and incentives upon signup.

This makes it very easy to build a path for your subscribers in other to promote your next blogging Idea. Building subscriber is a secret you need to know when it comes to blogging for beginners.

10. Social media marketing

Today, social media marketing require concept, strategy and scheme all together. clearly there is a very big disconnect between bloggers prioritizing social media to their advantage and those that have NO idea how to start.

Do you want to be among the over 3 million brands using social media to engage their audience? if yes, then (come join me today). link to buffer.

10 money making blogging ideas [hacks]


Mention is the best social media marketing tool that I use to increase brandawareness, increase conversion, and acquire more inbound traffic.

With mention, staying on top of the converstion can be very easy by monitoring over 1 billion resources on the web.monitoring this resources can be a great way to start your campaign. Exclusively monitor mentions of your brand, product and competitor in a real

I use Mention to respond to social comments inside the platform and locate influencers for influencer marketers campaign.

If you want to raise your bar as a pro blogger, this 10 commandment of blogging for beginners is here to guide you.


Buffer is a crucial and intuitive social media management tool trusted by brands, blogs, agencies to help drive meaningful traffic and engagement on social media platforms. Buffer helps in telling a story that resonate with your brand.

The first time I heard of this tool was 5 years back on a webinar on the topic blogging idea that skyrocket revenue.

If you want to get oceans of audience in social media then you need to pay attention to buffer. Today, blogging for beginners is completely nothing without social media audience. It’s supreme I give you an awareness in this blogging for beginners tips.

It has 14 days free trial period on all plans that you can use to measure your performance, create reports and get insignt in to engagement and sales.

With this tool, I have been able to create, organised and save hashtags that I need to use in my Instagram post.

2 Free ebooks on Blogging for beginners you’ll need to read

How to start a blog

This is a step by step guide on blogging for beginners and how to become very successful. It’has 49 pages and was written by Scott Chow in 2017 with regular updates. Even though It’s free, its has gain a lot of recognition on Amazon and rated by 291 audience at the time of publishing this content.

Author: Scott Chow

Blogging for dummies forth edition

One of top rated ebooks dedicated to blogging for beginners was written by 2 of the insane industry wizards to teach you new things in simple English language. It’s more about the influence of blogging on your future.

It was written by susannah birley an editor and co-authored by shane the technologies

Author: Susannah Gardner, Shane birley

11. Affiliate marketing

Have you ever type this in to Google? If you did, then follow this 14 insane steps to make money from affiliate marketing If you have never type this search before you are missing out. The query keeps going up each and every month.

For most bloggers and marketers affiliate marketing is the answer for this how to make money with blogging query

Pretty links

Affliate marketing is known to be a performance based network where affiliate are paid via a matter of revenue sharing. Almost every passive income guru is involves in affiliate marketing today.

This stream of making money has become common to advance bloggers but not very known to the newbies.

It is a lucrative and far reaching industry and requires NO expertise.

Infact, I generate thousands of dollars from affiliate on monthly basis. Now, the great question is how do you track your affiliate links to know your records and have assurance you are working with the right partner?

  • Final Thought on my blogging for begineers ideas

Your answer is Pretty links.

Pretty links is the best redirection, link shrinking and affiliate link management plugin for WordPress user. 60 insane blogging ideas for entrepreneurs today

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Final thought on my tips on blogging for beginners

Here is everything You Need to Know About Blogging for Beginners. I hope my blogging idea has helped you take the right decision. When it comes to blogging for beginners there are expectations and reality.

Blogging for beginners can be a bit complex if your approach is not inline. In fact, you should expert a lot of roadblocks on your way to successful blogging.

If you want to cut through the clutter of this super saturated internet full of blog, you’ll need to take in to account this blogging ideas provided above.