Bluehost Review: why bluehost is the best web host for small businesses and large enterprises

Bluehost review
bluehost review

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Today you are here to get the ultimate guide to bluehost review. This Bluehost review will cover, up-time, security, pricing customer service and …..

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Bluehost web hosting company founded by Matt Heaton and Danny
Ashworth in Provo, Utah. It is the first web hosting comapany officially recommended by wordpress since 2005 with amazing staff of more than 750.

Being the first and best web host for small businesses and big brands to be officially recommended by wordpress, you’ll admit Bluehost is the God father of web hosting.

In fact, they are regarded the best because over the years, they have manage to build a strong reputation especially around wordpress.

When I hosted my first blog on blogging ideas, I had know knowledge the difference between a bad host and best web host for small businesses. For this reason, my first blog was badly attacked. After reading some Bluehost reviews, I picked Bluehost and I’m here to share my Bluehost review with you.

After realizing there are over 3600 potential customers of Bluehost including you searching for Bluehost review and review of Bluehost on monthly basis, I deem it an honor to come up with my advance Bluehost review to guide you.

Bluehost is the leader in web hosting since they power over 2 million website worldwide.

Do you have a business and thinking of solid and best web host for small businesses to manage your website and gain targeted customers welling to pay for your service online? Look no further than checking on our comprehensive Bluehost review

Performance And Uptime

1. up-time [review of Bluehost]

In actual fact, Every webmaster wants a maximum up-time so that audience can access their website 24/7 . Bluehost has a great track record of maintaining their Up-time of 99.99% for the past decade. This is the main reason they are the best web host for small business, medium and large enterprises.

Now, unlike other hosting companies that rent their data center, Bluehost has 3 major data centers across the globe which ensure up-time of 99.99%

Up-time of Bluehost is one of the reasons I have come up with this Bluehost review

2. Site Loading Speed [Bluehost review]

Do You Know That 37% of Website Visitors Bounce When Your Site Takes Five Seconds to Load?

The most importance metric to look out for in a web host performance is speed. Slow website kills conversion because 70% of Customers Say Site Speed Impacts their buying Decisions.

Speed of your website does not only impact your user esperience UX but affects your
wordpress [SEO] ranking.

Today, Bluehost provides great page load time. They have an excellent 650 ms which is great for your website performance.

In this 21st century, the vast majority of website with speed and efficiency performs better. Webmasters, always pick web hosting companies base on features, pricing, speed and technical supports.

For your knowledge, Bluehost is the best worpress hosting service provider and the best web host for small businesses of all standard.

With over 15 years of Bluehost reviewing and experience, I noticed they provide consistent quality service for millions of websites and having over 15 ,000 new customers in a month. Their goal is to provide uptimum service for affordable price.

Bluehost is the first company officially recommended by WordPress and Drupal.

You don’t have time to read the rest of our Bluehost review? check why Bluehost is your best web hosting company

3. [Pricing] Review of Bluehost

Search Engine general has team up with Bluehost to provide you with 65% off hosting. Our readers take advantage of this. That means you only need to pay $2.75 per month instead of $7.99 per month.

Bluehost pricing is the best you can ever get. You also get a fantastic free domain for one year which value for $14. This makes Bluehost pricing beginner friendly.

PROs and CONs of Bluehost


  1. Solid up-time, free daily websites backup
  2. Unmetered bandwidth

3 .Easy WordPress 1-click installation and officially
recommended by

  1. Free domain name for 1 year
  2. Free SSL certificate & CloudFlare CDN place on banner.
  3. Free SSD drives on all shared hosting plans
  4. PHP7, HTTP/2 and NGINX+ Caching


  1. NO

4. Features [Bluehost review]

Let’s Begin With The Hosting Types

Bluehost has 5 features for you to choose from: Shared Hosting, WordPress Shared, Managed WordPress, VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting: The cheapest hosting for everyone.

Shared WordPress: The easiest way to build a solid wordpress site.

Managed WordPress: built for your wordpress advance performance.

VPS: Not too expensive. Requires for websites with huge traffic.

Woocommerce: The best way to host a an online store with wordpress.

Dedicated: The most expensive and the most powerful hosting service ever.

  • Free Domain
  • $100 Google Adword Credit *
  • 1-click Installation WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, Joomla
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

*Unlimited Email Accounts

  • Free site Builder and search Engine Submission
  • Unlimited Storage And Bandwidth

You want to know more about Bluehost Features?
If you have just started the basics of Bluehost without
indepth knowledge of their features and benefits,
hurry! explore the features

5. Anytime Money Back Guarantee

We tested this and it works

If you are not happy with the service they deliver, you can cancel your plan and get your full refund withing the first 30 days, that’s if you signup for the fist 12 month and cancel your plan withing 3 month, you’ll get your 9 month back.

6. [Security] Bluehost Review

When it comes to review of bluehost security, it stands tall. Security is part of my Bluehost review because my website wouldn’t have been hacked when hosted on Bluehost server.

1 free SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

The best signal of a well secured website is SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate. The SSL is requird to protect the personal information of customers.

SSL certificate indicate “padlock icon and https” at the beginning of your web address. With this you don’t have to worry about your visitor getting warned your site is not secure.

2. SSS (Secure Shell Server)

Secure Shell Server, is a remote administration protocol that allows users to control and modify their remote servers over the Internet. The service was created as a secure replacement for the unencrypted Telnet. This uses cryptographic techniques to ensure that all communications from the remote server happens in an encrypted manner.

It provides a methodolgy for authenticating a remote user, transferring inputs from the client to the host, and relaying the output back to the client.

The company also has “Resource Protection” to take your security to advance level. When your website is under the radar of Bluehost, advance protection is guaranteed

Are You Considering Security?
probably, Bluehost have you covered 24/7.
Check what they have to offer you now.

Yes,I need to see it

7. [Customer service] Bluehost review

Bluehost is ranked number one and best web host for small businesses for their 24/7 US customer support via phone,email, live chat.

Beside the amazing Bluehost customer service, they also have Bluehost Help desk which contains articles on how-to videos and frequently ask question that will assist you to build and host your website completely.

Customer Satisfaction

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This is a list of well vetted Bluehost review resources I have for you. If your site is hosted on Bluehost then you have an idea of how powerful your site can perform with this supercharging web hosting provider. Get more insight in to Bluehost review resources.

This Bluehost review resources are specifically for those who are considering up-time, pricing and customer service.

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9. Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting brands online. They are an officially recommended hosting provider by, and they currently host over 2 million websites. When you sign up for a web hosting plan, Bluehost offers a free domain, free SSL, and an exclusive 63% discount for IsItWP users. Isitwp

Shahzad Saeed

10. Utah-based Bluehost is a popular web hosting company that has been in business for over 17 years. Owned by industry giant Endurance International Group (which also owns HostGator,,, iPage, and more), it’s up there with the best hosting providers in the world. Itproportal

Daniel Blechynden

11.Website migrations are complex and those complexity are not always simplified with WordPress blog or site. There are number of steps that should be followed in the correct sequence to ensure a proper migration. If done incorrectly, you may experience website downtime.

Please make sure to read through this entire guide before initiating your website migration. Theblogstarter

Scott Chow

12. There are many Web hosting companies out there, and each one has its pros and cons. I mostly deal with web hosting for WordPress, and when it comes to shared hosting, there are many companies that offer top-notch hosting a WordPress blog.  Bluehost is one such hosting company. Shoutmeloud

Harsh Agrawal

13. Recommended by everyone from WordPress themselves to Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income to John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire (and pretty much every other online entrepreneur out there), Bluehost has become synonymous with web hosting and has effectively become the world’s go-to web hosting service. Hostingcanada

Gary Stevens

14. One of the reasons for Bluehost’s popularity is that they offer a wide range of hosting types, including shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, reseller, and more. They are also noted for being fast, affordable, and user-friendly, especially for beginners Whoishostingthis

Katie Hoeney

15. While Bluehost provides a good service in terms of basic features and ease of use, my interactions with support were extremely disappointing. Given that the prices aren’t anything special, my recommendation is to consider other hosts. Websiteplanet

Ben Sarid

16. Bluehost is a fantastic choice for beginners who want to build their first website for their businesses or blogs. Their onboarding process and automatic WordPress installation makes everything feel very easy to use. They may not provide the best value or service, but their product just works. Bitcatcha

By Elliot Boey

17. Bluehost is one of the most versatile Shared Hosting companies. Offering a wide range of web applications from within their dashboard. They have been in the hosting business for 15 years. Use Bluehost for the best value shared hosting plan. Wphostingreviews

Steven Johnson

18. It has been my experience that Bluehost is a hosting company you would do well to avoid. It’s hard to say that, but its the truth. The main problems are extremely slow page load time and serious security issues. Don’t be surprised of your website is shut down because it was hacked into, and then Bluehost will ask you for $300 to fix it. The thing is, it’s their servers that are insecure. Wpcrafter

Adam Preiser

19. Whether you’re setting out to start a blog of your own or you’re planning to move your existing site to a new hosting company—you’re ready to try out a new web hosting experience. Ryrob

Bryan Robinson

20. First of all, recognition on the web hosting market, secondly a well-designed offer aimed primarily at novice users, further low prices – all this makes Bluehost at the top Blogonyourown

Monika, Patryk

21. Bluehost is owned by EIG, which controls 6% of total websites in the world. They are one of the most marketed web hosts in the world. In fact, if you Google about the best web hosting, the top 5 searches result will claim Bluehost as the best host including a highly authoritative review site such as CNET and Techradar. Inlinehostblogger

22. Bluehost review: Do I recommend it? You’ve probably noticed that Bluehost is not my favorite provider. However, when you want a hosting service with ummerted storage with unlimited bandwith, Bluehost could be a suitable option. websitetooltester


23. Bluehost review: They’re popular hosting provider, but does that mean they are the best?

Have you read mixed review on Bluehost and cant decide if you should sigup? the fact of the matter is Bluehost host over 2M website so they should be doing something right. . Bluehost review (Feb 2020) with pros-cons, latest prices and deals.


24. Bluehost reviews

One of the oldest web host started in 1996, Bluehost has become the largest brand when it comes to wordpress hosting. They are officially WordPress recommended hosting provider. With Bluehost, you never have to worry about your website being slow even when there is a lot of traffic. Wpbeginner

Editorial staff led by Syed Balkhi.

25. Considering Bluehost? In our Bluehost review for WordPress, we’ll share hands-on tests and real survey data to help you decide if this host is right for you.

In this Bluehost review for WordPress, we’ll aim to provide everything you need to make an informed decision about whether this provider is right for your site. Let’s get started! Themeisle

John Hughes

We particularly like Bluehost because of its honesty. Its shared hosting plans are clear and transparent, with an impressive amount of information available about each one. You are not impress? check this 83+ user review of Bluehost

Final thought on our Bluehost review

Base on our experience, Bluehost reviewing and test, Bluehost comes first and ahead of SiteGroung and Hostgator. They rank first for Up-time, security, customers service and officially recommended by wordpress.

The synonymous of solid web hosting is bluehost.

Time for our conclusion on our review of Bluehost? Oh yeah If the objective of your sites is solid security, affordable and reliability, Bluehost is the best for you.

I hope my Bluehost review has helped you take the right decision after checking this in depth review of bluehost