Calling all affiliates:Unlock Why your Sales funnel is not converting

sales funnel

Knowing each state of a sales funnel is vital as an affiliate because each sales funnel have an impact on your customers behavior.

Every affiliate has a sales funnel.

It might not be a very effective sales funnel — especially if you don’t know what it is or how to optimize it — but you do have one.

A typical sales funnel is divided in to 5 sections which can differ slightly depending on the sale model of each company.

Awareness – This is when a prospect becomes aware of a solution to their problem

Interest – This is where a prospect conduct product research and becomes interested in a particular product.

Evaluation stage – This is where prospect examines competitors as the move closer to make a buying decision

Purchase stage – where the final product purchase occurs

Repurchase stage – A happy customer purchase a product again.

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Now that we understand the 5 main stages of sales funnel, let’s dive right in.

What’s a Sales Funnel.

Sales funnels is the stages you take your customers through to purchase your product. This marketing concept plays a major role in affiliate marketers

Benefits of a Sales Funnel

Getting an insight in to the sales funnel of your audience helps you find holes in your funnel and optimize it before your audience bounce and never buy your product.

#1. Increases Your Conversion

You can get as many people to visit your website even to the extent of subscription. But the fact that they subscribe with your content doesn’t mean they will convert in to buyers.

Building an effective sale funnel with the best sales funnel builder is a guarantee of increasing your conversion. With sales funnels you get a 100% view of your customer behavior which can easily help in personalizing your message to your potential customers.

#2. Consistent Sales

As an affiliate or entrepreneur, you need regular revenue stream in other to stand out and be exceptional. A sales funnel gives you the upper-hand to bring new client in to your funnel to the end.

This practice boost sales and engagement for your company and keep the company running 24/7 without financial difficulties.

#3. Identify Problems

As I said, a sales funnels helps you understand your potential customers by giving you insight in to which stage of the funnel they bounce. With this you have the chance to optimize this stage of the funnel to decrease the bounce rate.

#4. Easier Marketing

The most challenging part of affiliate marketing journey is the marketing aspect. With sales funnel at your end, you can test landing pages, call to actions and your copy all at one place.

You really want to focus on these various aspects of your funnel for optimization to ensure higher lead and sales conversions.

Once perfected, your marketing sales funnel can become one of your greatest assets within your online business and can drastically help you in sustaining a profitable online business.

#5 Target Qualified Leads

There are many instances where those responsible for the top of the funnel pass of all leads to the sales teams rather than properly qualifying them.

This is a key mistake as majority of those leads will never turn into sales. By having them all in one pool to target, you will end up spending vital time, effort and resources into targeting someone who will never turn into a successful sale.

Since not all leads require the same information and support, a smaller pool of leads will allow the sales team to offer diversified products and services to meet many different requirements.

Over my seven years of experience as a growth hacker I’ve seen a lot of sales fail. As an affiliate getting your first sales funnel up and running is just fucking exciting.

The truth is in other to make a perfect sales you only need 2 things:

  • Consistent traffic flow
  • And an optimized sales funnel

But the golden question is how do sales funnel still fail? In other to get a better insight,

these are the reasons your sales funnel isn’t working properly

#1. Lack of Personalization

Every audience wants to be targeted in a unique way. Among the many pillars of marketing for affiliates personalization is the best strategy with the greatest impact on customer loyalty and advocacy. You lose some couple of day one on your product sales?

It could be personalization naivety.

 To personalize is to design or tailor that message or product to suit a specific individual’s needs or preferences.

To get the best out of your audience using personalization, you need to study your customer behavior. This is tracing an individuals behavior as they interact with your company website, blog, Online stores etc.

The best practice of personalization is Targeting of audience with the right offer at the right stage of the funnels.

The most effective real-time personalization initiatives are those that can leverage all types of data that make up the audience profile. Mixing all these data together allows an organization to deliver relevant messages to its clients at the appropriate time.

#2. Poor Lead Nurture

When you combine lead nurturing of your audience along side marketing automation, expert a spike in revenue in the shortest possible time.

Some of your leads will be very warm when they enter your sales funnels whilst other are probably not. So you’ve got to make sure that your sales funnel actually nurtures the relationship that you’re trying to build as well as offers profitable opportunities for your audience to convert and grow your business.

Lead nurturing has become one of the most effective way to drive more sales for your business.

What’s lead nurturing and how can it affect your business?

Leads nurturing is the practice to activate and build relationship with your audience to encourage conversion.

Often, I see affiliates generate leads but they fail to nurture this leads and for this reason these leads fail to convert in to sales. For your business to thrive, you need more than just generating leads.

How can you nurture leads?

If you offer a free ebook for signups, your audience who download your ebook probably signup for your email list. This audience becomes your leads and your potential buyers.

If all you can do is to send generic news letter once or twice a week you are not enforcing lead nurturing. You need to build a documented step by step relationship with your audience then prepare an engaging pitch that resonate with them.

3. Lack of Proper Landing Page Call to Action CTA

This problem happens at the top of your sales funnel. What’s the essence of having an affiliate products to sell if you don’t have an optimized call to action and landing page in place.

Not mastering an intuitive landing page design and a call to action can have a negative impact on your earning.

If you demonstrate you have value to offer and the landing page is not there to convert your audience, it’s an absolute waste of time.

4. You Aren’t Targeting the Right Audience

If you aren’t targeting the right set of audience, then your funnel won’t work. For example, let’s say you have a lifestyle blog and you decide to start offering free SSL Certificate to bloggers. Unless a significant part of your audience is comprised of bloggers, then you aren’t going to make many sales.

Lack of audience targeting results in difficulties in getting subscribers

5. Lack of Quality and Engaging Content

Most affiliates lack the habit of providing quality content at different phase of their funnel to feed and engage their audience. From the very beginning, awareness down to the purchase stage affiliates don’t have content strategies in place.

This affect the overall experience of their audience

Final Thought

Today business and marketing strategies are base on capturing prospect using the right sales funnel and converting this prospect in to buyers.

Non converting customers are the most valuable asset to you because they tell you what exactly is not working for you and how to fix it.

For this reason, when your customers are not converting, do not panic and respond with worries, rather discover strategies that makes you an effective modern day audience converter.