How to check domain name availability on Bluehost and get it for free

check domain name availability
check domain name availability

Deciding on the best domain to use for your website can be overwhelming. You need to come up with an idea, think of a domain name to use and check domain name availability search.

Have you ever check for domain name availability?

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you can check the domain name availability faster and even get it for free?

Today, I’m here to show you how to check for domain availability and get a free domain for your web hosting

If you want to build a website with good up-time and great security, Bluehost is your choice. They are offering our audience free domain name and 65% off hosting.

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Key note – In this guide provided, even if you are not ready to host your website right away, you can just follow my step by step guide and host your website later with your free domain.

How to check domain name availability

Step#1 Visit

To get started on how to check your domain name and get it for free, you need to visit the bluehost website. When you get there you’ll be welcome with multiple menu navigation.

One of those menu says domains.

Note: Do not click on the Domain page. If you do you can check your daomain name availability but you’ll never get your free domain.

This is a frequent mistake most people make

Instead, to verify and get a free domain name, select the hosting menu as shown below.

Bluehost provides 3 different packages. All of this 3 packages come with free domain name for 1 good year

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting

If you are just starting from scratch shared hosting is your we recommend shared hosting because VPS and dedicated hosting provides resources you don’t need upfront. You can always upgrade when your traffic starts to spike and you begin to scale up.

Step#2 Choose Your Hosting Plans

Here is an overview of the Bluehost Shared hosting plans for you to select.

For clarification, you’ll get a free domain name for any plan you choose.

Step#3 Select a free domain name

This is where I answer your questions on how to check domain name availability.

After selecting a hosting plan that fits your budget, you’ll be redirected to this page

To check for domain name availability, input the domain name you want to verify in to this free domain name availability checker and play with this until you get your verified domain name.

Bluehost offers variety of domain extensions which ranges from .com to .club but I personally recommend .com

If your domain name is unavailable Bluehost gives you a suggestions to choose.

Get your complete guide to verifying a free domain and hosting your website on Bluehost today.

Final Though

After going through this guide, you should be able to conduct and own free domain name using this domain name availability search tool.