How to make money blogging [passive income]

how to make money blogging
complete guide on how to make money blogging

Do you want to know how to make money blogging? you are not a lone. There are numerous search on the web regarding how to make money blogging. Today, I’m here to guide you step by step on blogging for money.

After many years of experience blogging for money, I’ve realized passive income has become the norm of major internet geeks especially the great Indians.

Becoming part of the blogging for money community is a decision you need to take. Could it be as easy as sharing your experience with the world and earning a living?

In actual fact, it’s not as easy as that. When I launch my first website years back, I stumbled on it for long without any revenue but luckily enough today, you are here to learn from my failure. Do you know that:

wpbeginner made more than 3 million dollars last year blogging?

Smart passive income made over 2 million dollars last year blogging?

Blogger passion made over 50, 000 last year blogging?

To make money blogging there are expectations and reality

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This tutorial on Make Money Blogging is Explained in Fewer than 900 Characters

So what else loyal audience?…

Let’s dive right in.

Make money blogging with affiliate marketing

This phenomenal is simple. make money whilst asleep.

For over 99% of the 12 100 audience searching for how to make money blogging, how bloggers make money and how to make money with a blog, affiliate marketing is how they started.


The best definition of affiliate marketing is found here on Pat Flynn’s smart passive income

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

If you have passion for affiliate marketing , you just nailed it. It’s on of the ways the founder of Shoumeloud Harsh Agrawal makes money blogging. just look for a product you have already used and check whether they have affiliate program in place. Dig to know if your audience will be interested in this product.

In this system of blogging for money, the best you can do to your pocket is to review your affiliate products.

To get started, there are huge list of affiliate products available in Amazon for bloggers. Get yours now.

Once you’ve selected a product to sell, you can use a top rated WordPress plugin pretty links to check and manage all your affiliate links.

Get the best digital marketer, Neilpatel’s complete hack on affiliate marketing

Use Google Adsence

According to Google, over 2 million bloggers have decided to monetize their blog with Adsense. Google Adsense is very simple to setup. All you need to do as a potential blogger searching for how to make money blogging is to add a piece of code to your website and make money from your blog.

Since Google charge per click, your ads are optimize to get found straightforward by your audience when they land on your website.

Ads displayed on your website are thoroughly screened to makes sure they are relevant to your content before being place on your site. You can make more money from Google Adsense

Sell ad space

When thinking of blogging for money and selling ads space, There are questions that you need to answer within your self before attempting to.

Here are the major questions

Do you have quality content?

Is your website traffic huge enough?

Is the design and funtionality of your website up to standard?

Do you want to advertise only products related to content?

Now that you know the major questions you need to ask yourself before diving in to sell ads space, it’s ideal to carefully consider the ads position on the site and directly contact companies already paying for ads space. But the question is how do you get companies to pay for your ads space?

Get paid to review product

I know you are asking yourself – how possible is it for me to get paid to review a product? The fact is many companies do this market research before releasing new products in to the system.

these companies take descisions base on the outcome of these reviews and make adjustment before launching the product so getting list of companies to pay you to test and review their product is possible. Your revenue depends on the number of companies you join and how frequent you test this products.

Offer on-demand service

Offering service is one of the best revenue stream most publishers blogging for money utilize. For example, if you constantly give insight on blog and how to make money with a blog, you can offer service on web design since this service is directly inline with your blog content.

Making money offering service from your blog is a good decision to take if you are fade-up of over relying on annoying advertisement. a digital marketing company that features original articles on marketing, WordPress and entrepreneurship was initially started as a blog but they are now multi million company because they offer on demand SEO service

Craft premium gated content

Gated content is the practice where high-end content are put together in a form of ebook and downloadable guides that can only be access behind a form. In the case of premium gated content, the content can only be acquire by paying a fee. You don’t know much about content marketing? these are statistics to get you going

Write exclusive tutorial

Know one fails to realize that thoroughly created tutorial are used to obtain quality links and subscriptions. Blogging for money writing tutorial can come in many forms.

You can sell your own product or insert affiliate links in your tutorial. This is a unique way of making good amount of money quickly.

Create a unique resources page.

Resource pages are valuable asset to your audience especially the loyal ones. This pages amplifies to your audience the type of tools that scales for your content. You can take advantage of this by recommending your own product and adding your affiliate links in the resource page.

Host a webinar

Do you know how bloggers make money? oh sorry. let me come again….

Do you know how advance bloggers make money

webinar propels you to communicate with hundreds of audience online. it’s the greatest reason why webinar are the best. When webinar are done well, they generate pretty much sales for blog because you can easily make sales without selling hard.

When you know this copmplete guide to running a successful Webinar like one of the best bloggers of all times, Adam Connell you can engage your audience, qualify new leads and relationship and speed up your sales process to get your return on investment.

Accept sponsored contents

When you continue writing exceptional content, for example how to make money blogging and build your audience base, expect to receive multiple request of sponsored content. Sponsored content can be a highly effective means blogging for money. Just make sure the sponsored content is very relevant and engaging for your audience.

Since sponsored content are not conflicting like typical native ads, they receive high engagement rates which is why audience trust sponsored content.

Site sponsorship

Some companies don’t just pay for sponsored content. They want to have it all for themselves. They search the web for best blog content and pays them for entire website sponsorship.

In this case you either have their banner place on some region of your website, their logo or both. Imagine the quantum of money you are charging for this in the period of 30 days days?

Writing an ebook

The goal of content creation goes down to producing something valuable to your audience. In my early days of blogging for money, I wrote a lot of low quality ebooks without oceans of audience. Do not repeat that same mistake.

Are you able to build solid audience like Alex Grant did at thewritelife? writing an ebook gives you a great opportunity to reach your audience and share your knowledge in your niche.

While this requires more time and dedication than any normal content, they worth the price. A typical ebook causes any where around $9-$35 per sale and this can result in another revenue stream. This is a smart way of making money especially for bloggers who are copy writers.

Sell WordPress themes

If you love web design and development like me, you could start creating your own WordPress themes or plugin for sale on your websites.

This require advance technical skills and not recommended practice for everyone. Do you want to tap in to this? using WordPress theme framework like Gantry can give you a head start.

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Final Thought on my blogging for money guide

This are my list of how to make money blogging.

It’s entirely up to you to decide how you want to get started today blogging for money. Whether you need the best web hosting provider with high end up-time and a free domain for 1 year or you look else where.

The next big thing in quick revenue generation is to make money blogging.

This proven list of ways to make money blogging is the same channel I follow here at Search Engine General blogging for money.