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Do you want to know the commandment needed by wordpress bloggers and how to write a blog post? you’re at the right place.

There are so much information on the web. Everyone focuses on telling story his own way. So where do you start? In fact, I have been a confused blogger like you. After 5 years experience as a blogger I’m here today, to give you the 10 commandment every potential successful blogger should follow.

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Now, with a high search volume of audience searching for how to write a blog including you, I think it’s ideal to make it available for my WordPress audience since WordPress dominates more than 33%.

Google has a jaw dropping search number of more than 5.7 billion queries per day, so if you follow these commandment on how to write a blog post, you stand the chances of getting a bunch of audience willing to read your blog content. With bunch of Blogging ideas saturated on the intenrnet, I can guarantee you’ll have all the insight needed here.

1. Thou shall write short and sweet

According to multiple research, the attention span of humans are short so learning how to write a blog post in WordPress without keeping it short and sweet will completely throw your audience in to the occeans .

Just keep it simple and silly. A good blog is 4-6 paragraph with less than 700 words. If your blog is short sweet and engaging it triggers shares and comment.

2.Thou shall know the metrics before writing any blog content

Writing a wordpress blog without knowing metrics is a waste of time and energy. Before you start writing any bog, you must first know the metrics of that blog post. The metrics of your content could be increasing brand awareness, getting leads, shares, comment and up-selling.

If the metrics of your blog is to get brand awareness, ask yourself after 72 hours of publication am I able to get the required exposure? if yes then you have accomplished the metrics of your content. If no then go back to that content restructure it to merit the metrics of your content.

So what else? come join me now and let’s dive in.

3. Thou shall not plagiarism

In actual fact, Developing a content plan and coming up with blogging ideas without tools like buzsumo is very difficult if you want to stay consistent. For that matter a lot of bloggers go in for plagiarism. Plagiarism has been a common term in the blogging world.

What then is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the practice of using content from other bloggers without giving them credit.

Even though the temptation to copy content from other bloggers is high since you need tons of idea to stay relevant before your audience, plagiarism can have negative impacts on you. Google’s algorithm is too smart for this trick of duplicate blog content. Think of it this way…Do you think you are the first to engage in plagiarism?

Google knows the difference between original and plagiarize content. When I first started thinking on how to write a blog post on my first WordPress site, I had know idea what to write.

The easiest way I could write and ruin my website was plagiarizing other content. An SEO penalty for duplicate content can send your website to the hell of Google.

How to write a blog post and avoid plagiarism today.

4. Thou shall write consistently

In today’s competitive landscape of blog, the best way to get in touch with your audience is consistent blog content delivery. When you regularly create content, you increases your audience retention. This blogging idea is great for blogging newbies because they go in to blogging without knowing it involves consistent content creation and end up giving up.

Good content is a great asset that has positive impact on your audience and encourages them to come back.

5. Thou shall stay motivated

Study conducted by professor Hugo kehr and Dr. Peter Gospel at technisiche universitat munchen revealed how our unconcious motivation influences individual willpower. They found out that staying motivated contains 3 component.

  • We have conscious goals and willingness that drive us to achieve our objectives.
  • We can improve our existing skills to achieve our goals.
  • We have unconscious motivations situated on our emotional beliefs that drive us forward.

Using editorial calendar, joining blogging groups, encouraging shares of your post are all ways you can stay motivated as a blogger. In fact, staying motivated is one way I learned how to write a blog post.

6. Thou shall use good call-to-action

In blogging, call to action is a pieces of content place on your website to propel your audience to take a specific task.

Using a call to action is an ideal blogging idea and results driven asset that can be used to achieve a lot of metrics on your website. Few of these metrics are getting subscribers and and shares. This is an example of a call-to-action buttons. This call to action statistics will blow your mind

Over 90% of audience who read your headline also read your CTA copy. (Unbounce).

Social Times added social media sharing buttons to its emails, the result was a 158% increase in CTR. Benefits of business blog

7. Thou shall build landing pages

Landing pages or dedicated web pages are form of web pages design for specific purpose such as sign up. As a newbie to blogging, your first impression matters. Landing pages generate leads for bloggers by inducing readers to fill forms. Getting the concept on how to write a blog post without knowing landing page creation is a fluke.

If you need strategies to get brand exposure and grow your email list, landing pages are great places to start from.

8.Thou shall AB test headline

Headline is the first line of copy on your page. The better your headline, the higher your chances of getting click through to your pages. According to Coppyblogger, a company that gives regular update on how to start a blog post revealed 8 out 10 audience will read your headlines copy but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the content.

For this matter, AB testing your headline as a blogger is a must. With split testing of your headline, you have the upper-hand of improving the experience of your audience.

9. Thou shall prioritize pictures and videos.

Knowing that the attention span of your audience are short, using graphics to back plain text is a good tourch point if you want to capture the photographic memory of your potential audience. Using graphics in your content achieves emotional connection with your audience and helps in blog optimization.

35 guaranteed blogging ideas

10.Thou shall optimize your blog content.

Writing unique blog is one thing and optimizing it to be accessible to your readers is also another thing. Complete guide on how to write a blog post that ranks in Google’s top 10

Optimizing your blog content is core if you want to get the necessary exposure for your brand. How do you imagine brands like without content optimization? their brand would have been next to nothing by now.

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Final Thought

There you have it now. I hope my comprehensive guide on how to write a blog will have a great impact on your blogging idea.