Local Seo tips 2020: complete guide

local seo tips
your local seo tips

In this guide I’ll show you:

  • local SEO tips
  • How to rank in the 3-pack
  • How to build NAP citation
  • How to build and optimize Google My Business [GMB] profile
  • Many others…

lets get started.

If you want your business to stay relevant, you need to know your local SEO tips to optimize your website to acquire your potential customers from your local market.

local search is great for local businesses. 8 out of 10 searchers uses search term such as ‘near me’to search for product online.

If you want your business to stay relevant then follow these step-by-step local seo tips to ranking locally since local seo tips are critical to promote your brand.


Local seo is the practice of optimizing your website to gain targeted customers in a specific proximity using local search term such as Newyork city, near me,

5 local seo statistics that proves why local seo practice is important

If you are not found on Google for local search, you are missing out on ton of potential customers welling to pay for your service. this data shows you why ranking in a specific geographical area is key.

  • 46% of all Google searches have local intent (source: search engine roundtable)
  • Near me or Close by type of search increased more than 900% over 2 years (source: chatmeter)
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use Search Engines to find local information ( source: thinkwithgoogle)
  • 97% of internet users study more about a local business than anything else (source: seo tribunal)
  • 72% of consumers who did local search visits a store ( hubspot marketing statistics)

Local Seo

This is a strategy used by search engines like Google to provide the most relevant results base on the location of the searcher.

when a local search is done, Google scans through its index and provide results “nearby”.
the results are base on individual searches. Indeed, local seo has a set of unique ranking signals.

some of this signals are:

  • The location the search is coming from
  • Presence of Google my Business listing
  • Name Address and Phone number (NAP) citation
  • Social shares
  • Keywords used in Google my Business profile
  • Keyword use in Google my Business review
  • Google maps star rating for that business


The Map Pack

There are few places that your consumers watch when they are searching for product and service online.I’m talking about the first position on the first page, confused?

I mean the Google map pack

For example, if I search for restaurant in Newyork, this is the result I get…

you might not hear it before, but probably you’ve seen it.

So what’s Google Map Pack?

Google Maps Pack is a set of three highlighted Google-Maps-based results. It used to be seven but now down to 3.

There are only 3 spot available here which makes it very competitive. But our local SEO tips for the day will break it down and give you all the awareness. Getting your position on the Map Pack can be pretty easy. If you know all the local SEO tips without Google Map Pack you are missing out on ideal concept.

The first step you have to take is to signup free for Google my Business.

Step 1. Search for Google,com/business

Step 2. Follow this local SEO tips to setup your Google My Business account today

It’s importance to NAP. I don’t mean you should sleep. This local SEO tips term stands for Name, Address and Phone number. 3 years ago, I read this local SEO tips on how to rank in Google Map Pack and since then, ranking my clients have have been much easier for me

Your NAP must be consistent no matter where you list them for Google to have trust in your information

Note your NAP must be clearly place at the crucial pages of your website

home page,about page,service page

Rank Tracking for Map Pack

Rank tracking for your local seo strategy is the best decisions that must be taking to ensure growth and consistency.

Categorically, you would like to verify where you rank on the Map Pack.

Fortunately, an seo practitioner like you and I have the upper-hand over local tracking.
there are bunch of local SEO tips on Tools well design for this feature.

Some of these local SEO tips lay emphasis on tools like, Brightlocal, Whitespark, Moz and my all time favorite Semrush

In the case of local Map Pack, the results for searchers differ. Results are personalized base on individual location.

For example if you’re located in Central Pack in Newyork, and search for gardener, you’ll probably get different results as compare to when you position yourself at brooklyn bridge. Great local SEO tips right?

Now you see, you must track your local ranking from multiple positions. If you depend on one location you are missing out on a lot of prospective customers.

In tracking your performance from multiple locations, I endorse Semrush

Local Organic Ranking

The Map Pack is a place to be if you are a local business.

Having said that, ignoring the local ranking is not good for your business since it’s part of Google’s algorithms.

In fact, the local organic results usually shows below the Map Pack.

Basically, ranking for local organic results has to do with using keywords in your title tag, URL, meta description, speeding up your website and building local citations for your.

Using generic keywords wont rank you locally. Example if you want to rank
for barbershops, use the keyword + the location>>babershops in Newyork City

Not barbershops

Your keyword must be specific to your proximity to get better results


Local seo: Keyword Research

In this chapter, I’m here to share with you local SEO tips on how to use local keywords to rank locally and some keyword tools.

Fortunately, local keyword research is a one time job done, unlike keyword research
for blog post where keywords research are done on regular basis.

Many strategies can help you rank your website. One of the factors that’s overlooked
is keyword research.

You first need to reckon the keywords used by customers to locate your business.

If you know these keywords, reaching wider prospects would be much easier for you.

For instance, if your business ranks for the search term “coffee shops in Brooklyn” , then you can now shift your attentions to ranking for “coffee shops close by”

Normally, the search volume of local searches are often low but this are potential and organic customers ready to convert, since their commercial intent is very high

In fact, 76% of consumers who search for a nearby business on their smartphones, visit them within few days and 28% of these searches end in a purchase of a product.
I know you are asking, how do I find a keyword to help rank my website locally?
continue reading to find out…

Google is know doubt the best search engine dominating global search of more than 92.7%.

Google Suggest is an algorithm formally released by Google for getting best match keyword phrase to the main seed keyword

The algorithm either complete the search term or add additional term depending on the keyword inserted in the search box and the geographical area the search query is coming from.

Your guide to white hat seo

Search predictions are base on these factorsyour country and language

  • popularity of keyword
  • your search history

Answer The Public

This is a keyword insight tool that combines suggested results from both Google and Bing and visualizes them in one search cloud. These insight is categorized into what,where and why etc

Benefits of Answer the Public

  • Helps you answer the questions featured in Google snippet
  • Helps to optimize for long tail keywords
  • Keywords are well visualized

Chapter 4:

local seo ranking factors

Now, you’ll find out the recent local seo tips on ranking factors and that works today and use it to improve your local rankings specifically, I am going to cover the most crucial once

lets dive in Now..

1 Google my Business Listing

Claiming your Google my Business listing is not an option because it is the most importance local ranking factors according to study. Many prospects will find you for the first time because you have your listing at Google my Business.

Boost your seo strategy using schema markup

One of the newest local SEO tips and advance way of ranking locally is the use of scheme markup. This brand new form of optimizing is one of the core considered by Google but it’s the least used. Once you clench this concept, you stand the chances of ranking in the search engine results page SERP

The purpose of this post is to show you how to use schema markup as a marketing weapon to outperformed your competitors

we need to know what schema markup is…

Schema markup Is a semantic vocabulary place on you website to help search engine such as Google understand your content.

Which businesses have an edge in schema markup?

Any type of business can prioritize this latest local SEO tip and benefit from schema markup. Businesses like Restaurant, hospitals, Attorneys, doctors can use schema to improve their presence on search engine results page.

In fact you don’t need any coding skills to prioritize schema. All you need to do here is to visit schema.org/schemas to add any kind of schema to your pages.

Complete guides to building schema for your pages

Importance of Schema Markup

Schema markup helps your website ranks better for any type of content available on your website. data markup is available for….

  • Articles
  • Local businesses
  • Book reviews
  • Software applications
  • Restaurant
  • Event
  • Podcast
  • Movies
  • Persons
  • Places
  • Many more

There are hundred of schema markup types. from legal down to entertainment schema.
When schema is used correctly, the results can be overwhelming because less than one-third of websites uses schema markup.

Obviously, schema markup will help you do better in [SERP] since it enhances the rich snippet display of your content in search engines and hence drives organic click through rate

Google’s structured data testing tool

Local Link Building

In this guide I’ll answer your question – what’s link building? and why it’s still matters in 2020

lets dive in…

You’ve crafted an epic content that satisfies both humans and search engines but still unable to rank. What about this? checking on this 50 best local SEO tips on local link building that must be used to amplify these quality content you must have authority.

This authority can be achieve by building quality links from authority websites with domain authority of at least 65.

The thriving question still stance, whats “link building and what’s local search engine link building, right?

sure! let me explain

Link Building is the practice of building backlinks from authority websites with the goal to rank. Whilst local link building is the practice of building backlinks from a specific geographical area in other to rank in that proximity. This local SEO tip is a core ranking factor.

Why backlinks matters

  • Helps create brand exposure
  • Builds relationship
  • More visbilty of blog in search engine
  • It’s core part of search engine optimization
  • Helps recieves traffic from other website

How to Find High-Quality Links

Before we get started with our link building strategies, its Ideal to know what makes
a good link. having said that here is what determines the quality of a link

Authority of a Page

If the page linking back to you is the driven-force of page rank, that link is going to have a significant impact on your ranking

Semrush is the ideal tool used to check page authority.

Authority of a website

The authority of a website also plays a role in determining the link quality.
You and I know a link from Buzzfeed carries more weight than a link from a new blog

Relevance of a site

The relevance of a website greatly impacts the link you build to your websites.

For instance, if you run a sports website, it’s irrelevant to build links from a Health website. Acquiring links from sites that are closely related to yours matters

How to get high quality links from authority websites

Create and distribute infographics

At high level, Infogrphics still play crucial role in link building strategies.
The good thing here is that visuals still pools quality links to your pages even if you don’t
demand for them.

In fact, visually centric content must be part of your content marketing campaign.

Instagram is booming right? today, there are more than 81% of brand on Instagram and their growth has increased significantly.

Visual Assets

  1. Image
  2. charts
  3. infographis
  4. 4 Diagram
  • Broken Link Building

Broken link building could be the way to go for marketers that are too busy to write content. This concept is very easy and very simple:

Find pages with dead links

contact these bloggers and inform them about the dead links.

Demand a replacement with your’s

Harvest more review and reply them

Are you a small or medium company struggling to get reviews?

attracting review is one of the strategy to validate your product, service and company at large. Attracting review can be a real headache if not done properly. You have to rely on your existing customers.

This principle sounds simple but how do you accomplish this?

If you are getting repeated customers, these are people you should be targeting.
They love your product is the reason they keep coming back. Most local SEO tips don’t give insight on Identifying the right moments to ask for review according to the buyer’s journey.

To increase your chances of getting review, make sure your visitors are not limited to leaving review on your website only. your brand should be listed on below platforms such as Facebook Yelp and Google my business review

If you want to rule Google Map, embrace this local SEO tips to collect more reviews

5 Reasons Customer Review are important

  • Social ad credibility proof
  • Helps improve customer service
  • Improves ranking
  • Reviews generates more reviews
  • Improves conversion

Resources you need to know on local SEO tips

Local SEO tips for small businesses

25+ Local SEO tips your competitors are neglecting

Local SEO tips for multiple locations

Final Thought on local SEO tips

Climbing the top of SERP can be very challenging if you are a small business with limited resources. Local seo is still relevant for your brand exposure.

78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase, for this reason, you need to boost your ranking to be found locally by your prospects.

Your online optimization must be strong enough to convince prospects because your online effort is a true reflection of your business.

Ranking your business to do well involves a lot of hard-work. This is not an overnight affairs. It could take sometime so you need to be patient. Just follow this local SEO tips and you’ll get the job done.

I hope my local seo tips has helped you a ton.