The 10 Commandment of Content marketing strategy

content marketing srategy
content marketing strategy

Today, I’m going to walk you through:

The definition of content marketing commandment,

Benefits of content marketing strategy,

The 10 content marketing commandment.

without much I do let’s jump right in now.

After researching for successful and struggling startup and going through a lot of case studies, I’ve realized there are a lot of startups approaching content marketing strategy the wrong way.

I started doing my research on 15 startups on 7 January to uncover some of the practices that should never been done.

I also dive deep in to what should be done and and these are my findings

Content marketing can be a big game changing asset to your brand when approach the right way. Today, content is the baseline of businesses made up of millions of customer online.

Content marketing needs guidance and principles. Big brands like Sumsung understands and clearly adopt content marketing strategies but what of smaller brand that are upcoming and struggling to cut through the clutter and make an impact?

This is where the commandment of content marketing comes in.

What’s content marketing commandment? This are the protocols any content created,published and promoted must follow to improve brand awareness and recognition in other to build lasting relationship audience.

Overview of the benefits of adopting a content marketing strategy

  • Content marketing strategy improves brand awareness and position your business as a top industry expert
  • Creates visibility for your brand and lasting relationship with your audience
  • Helps build authority credibility and loyalty
  • Generates traffic to your site regularly
  • Impacts your customers buying decition

Let’s now check out our 10 hand-picked commandment of content marketing.

1. Thou shall not create content solely for search engines

The Idea of writing 500 spammy letters with 3 keyword density doesn’t work any more. Google AI is to smart for that trick. Think of it this way, do you think you are the first to engage in that act?

From my research, when startups start their content marketing campaign, they take shortcuts which results in to penalties and hurts their brand. You dont know?

shortcuts and keyword stuffing won’t help your brand.

Instead, have a content marketing strategies in mind and write engaging content for your loyal audience. This speaks volumes for itself.

Do you know my content marketing strategies? Focus on one content type, one platform, consistently deliver your content and diversify after you have accomplished the metrics of your content.

2. Thou shall remember the metrics or goals of your content

My survey indicated that 13 startup out of 15 don’t have any metrics for their content. Before we proceed, let’s get an overview on the metrics of a content.

Every content marketing strategy must have a goal.

The metrics of any content could be getting shares, subscribers, writing for new or existing audience, If the metrics of your content is to get shares, ask your self, did they come to share it? if yes then you’ve achieved your content metrics, if no then go back to that content restructure it to merit the metrics of your content.

Goals are the foundation in which every content should be structured. Simply put, Each content should have a metrics. Identify the goals of your content to decide the type of content to create.

When you do this, you wont only have success with your content but also build authority and dominate your niche.

3. Thou shall prioritize statistics and research

Understanding the current marketing statistics helps you with your content marketing strategy. When you validate your content with statistical analyses, it strengthens your bond with your customers whiles your customers becomes loyal.

When you create a content that provides potential customers with information they’ve never seen before, they’re more likely to share it.

Upon my research, one of the brands that has done a great job when it comes to statistical content creation is Drift. On regular bases you can find large number of influencers and Drift contributors.

4. Thou shall use graphics for content enhancement

Do you know that today, 90% of the information that comes to the brain are graphics ? If you are about to stimulate content marketing strategy as startup, you need to know exactly what works for engagement and lead generation.

Text base content will continue to be the core part of your content. But to set yourself apart and outperform your competitors, you need to capture your audience attention with graphics. In fact Yoast has 10x the use of graphics and they are reaping the benefits.

5. Thou shall listen

One of the best place to focus your attention when crafting your content is your customers. This types of content don’t go viral but they provide on demand answers to your customers. By listening to your audience, you stand the chances on touching on their pain point in your content which is best for your business since it increases customer retention and improves conversion.

6. Thou shall be original and creative

The originality and creativity are 2 important words when it comes to good content creation. Audience are triggered to share your content when they see creativity in your content.

Many companies out there craft low quality content. If you are one of theses brands it’s time to put on originality and creativity to make an impact.

7. Thou shall optimize content

Content optimization is one of the strongest arsenal when it comes to content marketing.

Infact, it’s my top priority when it comes to utilizing content marketing strategy.

Creating content is one thing and publishing it to gain targeted audience to read it is also another thing. Since content is king, optimizing your content to be seen, crawled, and index by search engines are key if you want your content to resonate with your brand.

8. Thou shall AB test headline

AB testing of headline is the practice of testing multiple variation of headline for the same content to determine the best performing headline. This core content marketing strategy is widely used by content marketers and copy writters.

Did you read the headlines today? obviously no. Harry now and check the breaking news: according to coppyblogger ,80% of readers never make it pass the headlines. If you read this, congratulation because you are among our 20% happy readers.

Headline testing can be used to understand several metrics such as

  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Number of shares

The headline line that performs the best is chosen and used.

9. Thou shall create Unique content

In actual fact, the internet is made up of cluster of content. Writing content to capture your readers attention is very difficult yet that is exactly what works. In planning your content, you need to have your audience in mind.

To your audience, the uniqueness of your content is not negotiable so quality matters when it comes to choosing a great content marketing strategy

Final Thought

Think and act in a way that makes your content marketing campaign unique and exceptional for your audience.