Practice These Successful Email Drip Campaign for Your Sales Funnel

Drip email campaign
drip email campaign

Care and strategy must be regarded when assembling your drip email campaign because it’s a major player for educating, nurturing and converting audience in to buyers.

Most affiliate marketers are familiar with this term, drip email campaign, but to be frank, I need to break it down for every body. With the right setup of your drip campaign, you are one step closer to optimizing your sales funnel

What is an Email Drip Campaign

Drip email campaign is a series of automated triggered emails for your potential buyers over a period of time. This emails go out base on user behavior or specific timeline.

Drip emails are also known as automated email, email automation and autoresponders.

drip email campaigns work if and only if you understand your goals and design them with your audience in mind.
Do you know that 95% of leads needs time to mature and will not convert right away?

Experience affiliates know that.

Today, I’m here to share with you a lot of the pattern I use to write an Irresistible email drip campaign for my sales funnel.

As an affiliate marketer the goal of your email drip campaign is to nurture your audience to take a specific action.

Thus to buy from you.

You might also have 7 email drip campaigns going at one time to different segments of your email list. One drip might go out to your top-of-funnel prospects who are just getting to know your business, whiles another goes to your leads at the action stages.

Feel feel to do what’s best for your business. Yes, you need to segment your email list as much as you want. It helps you target your audience with the right message at the right time.

Basically, you need to get clear on this: Have a goal, and focus on moving your audience towards your goal.

Don’t let the complexity of drip campaigns put you off. Sure, you’ll be required to set triggered actions, varying sequence rates and autoresponder. But regardless of these technical stuffs, focus on your goal.

Benefits of Drip Campaign Email-Affiliates Marketers

Even if you have the most amazing business name, it’s easy to get lost in the oceans of competitors. Your audience aren’t guarantee to remember you without regularly getting in touch with them.

My email drip campaign serve as a conversational tone between me and my potential buyers. Drip email campaign saves you time.

When you setup triggered drip email campaign for existing subscribers, you don’t need to set another campaign for new subscribers.

Yes, that’s it…..

Baby seating new subscribers is a taboo when it comes to drip email campaign.

Use Shorter lines

The humans attention span is very low. Base on my experience, I’ve realize that shorter words, shorter lines, shorter paragraphs and short emails work better.

Making it short sweet and silly helps them grab your information easily. Just know that they have other emails they need to read.

Peng Joon is gradually becoming a leader in the affiliate marketing world when it comes to using short line emails.

This is a smart way of thinking and makes your email exclusive and very easy to digest.

Add P.S to Your Email

Have you ever come across an email in your inbox with P.S? You do. A lot of companies add this to their email drip campaign

What’s P.S? It stands for “postscript,” which is derived from the Latin word postscriptum.

it’s a piece of content that you add at the end of an email. An effective way to use P.S in your drip email campaign is to create awareness of your next email.

***** P.S Look forward to another email on Tuesday, It’s a checklist of my best forming ads headlines in 2020.

This keeps your audience alert of what’s coming next.

This is a typical example from Neil Patel, one of the best SEO experts in the World.

Focus on Creating a Conversational Tone

To raise the bar for your drip email campaign, you’ll need to focus on writing an email that touches the emotions, heart and soul of your audience.

The tone of your email depends solely on how well you know your audience.


Add and Make Use of Suspense

I uses Suspense to drives my audience to dive further into my email. But even though all of us understand how important it is, few of us know how to create it.

So what is suspense?

This jargon is all about raising the emotions of your audience.

Make big promises fast

You should make big promises as fast as you can and hold them as long as you can.

Making big promises raises key questions. The goal here is to grab, captivate, and accompany the audience until the end of the email. So they should be clear, simple, and easy to follow.

In each email try to inform your audience something big is coming up. It could be a discount.

Promise something good in the future and hold yourself accountable for that.

If you’re not using this techniques to engage with your audience, they will unsubscribe.

They feel your email sequence is boring.

Include a Call to Action

Call to actions are key element of an email. Each and every email you send to your audience needs to be made up of amazing information and a clear call to action.

This helps propels your subscribers to take whatever action you want them to take.

Check this Call to Action from

It’s clear and straight to the point. I know what I’m supposed to do and that is how they caught me.

Personalize But Don’t Over do it

Personalization means a lot for email marketing since it enables you to send more relevant emails based on personal information you collect from your audience.

With this email marketing techniques, your audience receive targeted emails base on their user behavior and so on.

Most affiliates are trying to leverage email personalization to move toward one on one experiences. This does not only meet the expectations of your audience but exceed it.

If you are new to email personalization, it sounds intimidating.

That’s why this article is here to help you out.

Write Short Email for New Prospect

If you think you need more words to deliver your message across, you have two options.

The 1st is to use images or other visual elements such as infographics to break up the text. Image makes your emails more engaging and therefore more higher chance to be read. Using an image in your emails speak volumes.

This is what Verify Bee has to tell you about using images in email.

The 2nd is to break up that email into 2. You can even label them as Part 1 and Part 2.

Check how Squirrly does it.

You can get away with longer emails when you’ve been emailing a subscriber for several months . They know and trust you, so they’re more willing to give you their time.

Note: when creating drip email campaigns for your new subscribers, keep your messages sweet and short. Allow 3 paragraphs at most so the communication is worth their time.

The general rule

  • New subscribers want short emails
  • Long time subscribers are not bordered with long emails

Final Thought

What’s important is for you to have a drip email campaign setup for your affiliate blog. There is no specific strategy here. Your drip email campaign depends on your goals.

This is the procedure I use to write my performing email drip campaign.

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