The Affiliate Marketing Rule of 7

The affiliate marketing rule of 7

Today, I’m here to show you all you need to know about the old school marketing methodology…

The marketing rule of 7.

Whether you are a newbie or affiliate marketing geek, there is a certain marketing principle you shouldn’t ignore. The marketing rule of 7.

Sophisticated affiliates know that, the possibility of converting an audience in to buyer at their first interaction with their brand is close to impossible.

You here a lot of affiliates make 6 figures per month and you think that’s impossible?

It’s damn true.

They make it because the marketing rule of 7 is still working for them.

What is the marketing rule of 7?

The rule of seven quite simply states that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place.

This simply means to be able to sell more In the realm of affiliate marketing, you’ll need to expose your brand to a prospect at least 7 times.

This exposure is know doubt achieved with golden content creation.

Educate your audience on their pain point through your sales funnel at least 7 times and put your product before them.

To get an excellent results with the rule of 7, you need touchpoint.

In the process of using at least 7 content touchpoint in your sales funnel. you can be sure of amplifying your brand to your audience.

Benefits of The Marketing Rule of 7

It’s true that it doesn’t always take 7 interaction to sell a product.

Isn’t it? yes,

But you need to build a solid relationship with your prospect in other to see consistent growth in sell’s. Without this core marketing concept, driving consistent sells can become a nightmare.

Different experienced affiliates use different strategies. Some may not even require as many as 7 interactions to sell whilst others may require more.

Regardless of this, the principle still holds true today.

I know you are asking….

What defines an interaction?

Any form of brand interaction leads prospects in to making buying decisions. Achieving the goal of multiple interactions can be simplified if you understand your target audience.

Example of brand interactions include:

  • Receiving an email from your brand
  • Reading a review of your company
  • Seeing your brand mention in an article online
  • Seeing a retargeting ads
  • Seeing a company pop up in Google search

How to Achieve the Goal of Multiple interaction

As I said, achieving the goal of multiple interactions can be simplified if you understand your target audience.

There are ideal lessons to learn when designing a campaign towards brand exposure. These are hand-picked lessons you need to learn.

Take advantage of marketing sales funnels

Simply put, sales funnels attract ,engages and sell.

It works by guiding your visitors through series of stages and helping them to take actions

A basic sales funnel works to

  • Attract traffic through search engine (social media)
  • Sends this traffic to a landing page
  • Converts traffic in to leads using email opt-in forms
  • Engage and nurture these leads using automated emails
  • Sell your product
  • Engage them with unique content and sell again and again

You’ve missed it last week? I mean the benefits of a sales funnel for affiliates.

Pixel potential customers and retarget ads to them

According to Siglcreative,

  • If you have a Facebook Business/Ads Manager account, you can access the Facebook Pixel tool
  • Facebook Pixel allows you to track potential customers who have clicked through to your website (and thus shown interest in your products or services) or landed on specific pages of your website
  • Down the line, you’ll be able to retarget ads to them based on the pages they visited and the items they looked at
  • In retail applications, dynamic ads make excellent options that have been shown to drive sales by connecting to your online catalog and retargeting people that have shown interest in each product.
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Final Thought

The marketing rule of 7 is one key principle I personally used over the years to drive a ton of sell. In fact, the marketing rule of 7 has nothing to do with intimidations.

All you need is to setup a sales funnel and apply the rule of 7.