The Ultimate Guide to Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketers

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Today, the affiliate marketing world is very hot and saturated to the extent that audience are spoilt with so many options to pick from.

According to, one of the core concept in the digital marketing industry is Sales funnel.

This single insane core concept can take an affiliate from virtually non-existent and unknown to multi-million-dollar business machine with mass saturation, seemingly overnight.

Over the years, the existence of artificial intelligence system and diverse lead acquisition methodologies has drastically changed the processes of converting new leads.

Each stage of your sales funnel has a crazy impact on the behavior of your audience. So its worth knowing the strategies to optimize your sales funnel.

Setting up a sales funnel that works has nothing to do with being a marketer or developer.

With that being said,

What’s a sales funnel? the question still stands

Sales funnel definition

A sales funnel is the ideal sequential path your audience take to make a purchase. You need to understand that you can influence how audience move through the funnel and whether they eventually convert in to buyers.

The goal of the sales funnel is to know the pain point of your audience and solve their problems.

The insane magic happens when you know their problem and capture their attention with your sensational, educational content and offer your product as a solution to their problems.

Sound interesting right?

Wait, what?!

Understanding the 4 Main Stages of a Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel diagram


The 4 main stages of the sales funnel can be remembered by simple knowing the acronym AIDA. Awareness, Interest, decisions, Action.

These are the four main stages you’ll need to take your audience through to finally become buyers. Each one of this stage demands different approaches from you the affiliate. Sending the wrong message at the wrong time can hurt your campaign.

Let’s dive deep in to the sales funnel stages…

#1. Awareness

The awareness stage is like a courtship. This is the moment you grabs your audience attention through variety of means – Google search, Tweet, Facebook Ads or another traffic source.

At this stage your audience becomes aware of your brand, your product and the problems they have. Now that you garner their attention, you need to ask yourself, what’s in it for them.

Of course, regardless of how they enter into your funnel, your goal as an affiliate is to move them through the multiple stages that will take them from audience to buyer.

#2. Interest

You gain your audience interest through educational email sequence. When your audience reach this stage, they begin to do research, comparison and checking on reviews of their options.

This is the right moment to educate your audience with your engaging content. Remember, you need to have patient.

If you try to sell your affiliate product from the beginning, your prospect will navigate and bounce. Probably, they are never coming back.

The goal at this stage is to put yourself in the brain of your prospect as a thought leader

and assist them to make the best decision to solve their problems.

#4. Decision

At this stage of the funnel, your prospect are ready and very eager to buy. The are considering multiple options including yours.

The time is due for you to make the best offer. You need to make this offer very irresistible that your audience can’t hesitate but to take advantage of it.

It could be free consulting on how to use the product.

Some prospect will buy at this stage whilst others will not but you can still get them to buy using re-targeting ads.

Do you realize after leaving a website and seeing their ads following you every where you go? That is retargeting. Facebook and Google are major players when it comes to re-targeting ads.

#4. Action

The final stage is the action that you require your prospect to take. The fact that your prospect purchase your product and become part of your ecosystem does not mean everything is over.

You now need to focus on your prospect retention. Be available and help them with any problem they have with the products they purchase.

My Effective Sale Funnel Example

Imagine that you own a sports affiliate blog that sell sneakers. You are aware that your target audience are between 17 – 45 and spends a lot of time on Facebook.

You run an amazing ads on Facebook and drives traffic to a landing page. On that well personalize landing page you ask your audience to signup in exchange of a lead magnet such as ebook.

Now you have them moving down the funnel and over the next few weeks you offer a product to educate your prospect on sneakers.

Your next educational content teaches them on the best sneakers which is your affiliate product. You went ahead and offer a discount they cannot resist.

Bam, they just bought your product.

Next, you add the same prospect to another email list. You start the process over again to retain them. You are asking them to stay and buy more without telling them direct.

How to Build a Sales Funnel

Creating a sales funnel for your affiliate blog is one of the most important aspect of your journey. But sadly this is what most affiliate neglect to do and cost them badly.

Here is your guide on how to create a successful sales funnel that drives prospect

*Step 1. Identify Your prospect

The goal of your sales funnel is not to fail, for that matter you need to drive your prospect to the top of your funnel and qualify them as useful prospect and get rid of the unwanted once.

In other to speed up the process, you need to start by asking yourself questions that would help you sort your prospect accordingly.

Few of these questions are…

  • Which geographical area are my prospect located?
  • Which platform are they located? – for easy targeting
  • What are their pain point?
  • What are the possible solutions?

*Step 2. Analyze Your audience Behavior

Analyzing your audience behavior helps in building an effective sales funnel. Going broad affects your sales funnel badly. You are not marketing to everybody but rather targeting people who are good fit for your product.

To make an effective analyses of your audience you need a heatmap tool Hotjar

It is a heatmap software that tracks the online behavior of the users that visit your website or webpage. You get numerous features like polls and surveys, session recordings, form analytics, funnels, etc.

 Hotjar offers all types of heatmap analysis like click, mouse movement, and scroll. With the help of Hotjar, you can get valuable insights into how people use your website and whether they are facing any sort of difficulties.

Based on this report, you can easily optimize your website and make it user friendly.

*Step 3. Capture Your Audience Attention

Persuasion is the primary goal of any affiliate marketing campaign. With this potential you can easily lure people in to your sales funnel.

This means putting your well curated content in front of your target audience. You need to make your content very unique to be able to stand out.

You can run few ads if you have the cash to spend.

* 4. Build Personalize Landing Pages

Your content or ads needs to send your audience somewhere, and that is a personalized and optimized landing page. How to build an optimized landing page

Over 70% of the overall success of an online advertising campaign comes from the landing page used for the promotion. To be precise, success/failure subjected to how optimized the landing pages are.

After capturing your audience with your landing page you need to warm them up instead of pushing them to buy instantly.

* 5. Create an Email Drip Campagn

Providing an email drip campaign can boost your sales funnel. Do so consistently by providing a stunning content. 2 ore 3 emails per week should be enough for you to sale what ever product you have.

You’ll need to warm your audience by giving them the necessary education the need with regards to their problems and obstacles.

At the bottom of your drip campaign, you need to provide an incredible content including your offer for your audience to act as quickly as possible.

*6. Get In Touch Regularly

Do not leave your audience in the dark. You need to stay in touch and give them more education on how to use the product.

Thank them for their purchase and their time with you. Offer them another discount again and again. Remember, they are now your customer and when they feel their moment with you, their lifetime value would have a great impact.

After taking them through this process, you’ll need to tweak and optimize your sales funnel here.

Final Thought

Creating and optimizing a successful sales funnel takes time and hard work. But it’s the gateway to keep your heads up.

If you don’t take the time to take your audience through the right path, you’ll end up chasing them away.

Spend the time and resources to build out a sales funnel that represents what you want and what your audience wants